Types of Sports Betting

sports bet

Whether you bet on the NFL, NBA, or any other sport, you are putting your money behind an outcome. If you win, you get your money back. But, if you lose, you may get more than what you paid for. This can be very exciting. It also helps you learn more about the sport you are betting on.

Moneylines, spreads, and totals are the most common types of bets in American sports betting. Each team is given a number of points by bookmakers, called a spread. The underdog must win by more than the spread for you to win the bet. But, the favorite is not required to win.

For example, the Patriots are 2.5 points favorites to beat the Rams in the 2019 Super Bowl. If you wanted to bet on the Patriots to win, you would have to bet 3.5 points. This would leave you with a minuscule profit if the Patriots lost the game.

The same scenario would play out with the Chargers. If the Chargers win by three or more points, you would win your bet. But, if the Chargers win by less than the spread, you would lose your bet.

You can also make bets on player props. These are not traditional sports bets. However, they are listed as prop bets in sportsbooks.

Another popular method of sports betting is a matched bet. This method is a popular technique in the US. The sportsbook operator will take a small percentage of any winning wagers. However, the bookmaker will refund your bet if you lose.