Types of Lottery Games

The various types of lottery games are called ‘types’. Some of these types are based on different types of games, while others are simply lottery games. For instance, a pari-mutuel game divides the prize pool among the winners. Another type of lottery game is ‘cash for life’, which pays out a fixed prize in installments throughout the winner’s life. Regardless of type, cash for life is available for both draw and instant games.

Daily lottery games include five-digit or Pick 5 draws. These games usually offer a fixed prize structure, regardless of how many tickets are sold. Daily lottery games, on the other hand, feature multiple draws each day. The draw machines randomly select players, and if their numbers match the prize amount, they win. In some jurisdictions, lottery games are operated at race tracks. In these jurisdictions, the winning numbers of a daily lottery game are known as ‘Toto’.

Jackpot games include Powerball and Mega Millions. Then, there are second-chance contests that give players a second chance at winning. These games typically cost from one to thirty dollars. The jackpot prize in these games can be as much as $2 million. The jackpot amounts of these games are huge, and prizes never run out. While the top prizes are large and often life-changing, there is something for every player. In-store National Lottery Scratchcards are priced from PS1 to PS5.