How to Select a Housing Lottery Number

lottery number

Choosing lottery numbers is an exciting way to play a game of chance. Whether you play with a mathematical approach or with a scientific method, there is a number of ways to select the right lottery numbers. However, you should always be aware of other people’s tactics. Never play the lottery for more than you can afford to lose.

Most lottery programs allow players to receive random numbers. In the case of the Housing Lottery, the lottery numbers are sent to students in early March. They are posted to the Housing Portal and emailed to students.

The lottery numbers are based on class level information from the Registrar’s Office. Applicants with good lottery numbers have a better chance of being assigned to their preferred schools in separate lotteries. Students with low lottery numbers have more chance of being assigned to large schools.

The housing lottery number is unique within a range of the total number of current residents. Students can choose to not be selected for a room in the lottery. They can also choose not to apply for a room at all.

The lottery number is a 32-digit code. It is most likely generated by a computerized random number generator. This type of number is usually in UUID format.

Lottery numbers are used as tiebreakers in competitive funding applications. They are also used to weigh class level information from the Registrar’s office. They are compared left to right in an increasing order.