Asian Lottery – The Law of Karma

The best Asian lottery games offer huge jackpots and cheap tickets. But you must play the game responsibly to avoid falling victim to scams. Always read the terms and conditions carefully before buying a ticket. Also, seek emotional support from friends and family if you are a victim of a scam.

Throughout much of Asia, there is a widespread belief – whether consciously held or not – in a principle known as the law of karma. This is the belief that positive thoughts, words and deeds will help bring about good experiences, while negative ones will result in bad experiences. It is the basis of many people’s desire to buy lottery tickets, as they believe that if fate or karma favours them, they may win big.

Lottery sales have surged in recent months, with some blaming the sharp rise on growing economic worries. China’s economy is recovering after three years of stringent COVID-19 curbs, but recent data has shown signs of weakening momentum and its youth jobless rate has hit a record high.

The Chinese government has confirmed that online sale of state lottery tickets is now legal in mainland China, after it was previously banned by the country’s financial watchdog. The move was announced in an announcement published on the Ministry of Finance’s website, and endorsed by other ministries. It will reportedly simplify the rules and procedures for authorising online sales of the tickets, which were formally prohibited in October 2014. Those who had already purchased tickets before the ban was lifted will not be affected by the changes.