Asian Lottery Sites

Asian countries have some of the most exciting lottery games in the world, and you can now play them online. The best asian lottery sites offer a variety of games, including the popular Japan Loto 6, which offers a jackpot that reaches over $2 billion and pays out consolation prizes to those who match fewer than six selections. These games have the potential to take you to the next level of your gambling journey.

In China, the national sports and welfare lotteries raked in more than 511 billion yuan last year, nearly as much as America’s various state lotteries. But that’s not to say the Communist-Party-run lottery is without its problems. Last year, officials from the country’s Sports and Welfare lotteries were charged with graft and misappropriation. And rumors persist that an official’s son-in-law used his winnings from the latter to buy a mansion and then bribed the officials to get back the ticket.

In addition to fighting corruption, the Chinese government has been trying to crack down on gambling and other vices, which have hit the economy hard. In April, sales of lottery tickets jumped to their highest in more than a decade, but analysts say they could stall out this year because of the ongoing economic uncertainty and weak youth job market.