Asian Lottery Games

The more populated a region is, the more likely it is to have a huge number of lottery games and players. And Asia is no exception, with several massive countries where playing lotteries is considered an almost-essential part of daily life. It might also surprise some people to learn that many of the most popular lottery games in Asia are very similar to those played in the West. For example, Japan’s most popular lottery game is Loto 6, a straightforward 6 from 43 game that gives a jackpot to anyone who matches all six of their selections, as well as consolation prizes for matching just three or more.

Another reason for the heightened interest in lotteries in Asia might be a general belief, consciously held or not, in the law of karma. It is widely believed in most parts of Asia that positive thoughts, words and deeds help bring good fortune, while negative ones bring bad luck. So, buying a lottery ticket can be seen as an act of hoping that one’s good karma will show up in the form of a financial windfall.

In China, for example, where youth unemployment has reached record highs, the surge in lottery sales is being linked to a sense of deepening economic insecurity among young people. As a result, many young people are turning to the lottery as a way out of their impoverished realities and a chance for a better future.