Asian Lottery Games

The bigger and more densely populated a region is, the more lottery games it tends to have. That is certainly true of Asia, where a number of massive countries whose citizens consider lottery participation an almost-essential aspect of daily life make for an exciting and interesting mix.

Asian lotteries have a relatively similar format to those in the West, with players selecting their own numbers or having them randomly selected at random on a ticket that can be purchased either online or offline. The winnings from these tickets can be quite substantial if they match all of the drawn numbers.

Some of the more popular Asian lotteries include the famous Japanese Loto 6/42 that launched a global lottery craze, as well as the Philippines’ Mega Millions and Kazakhstan’s main game, Loto 6-/49, both of which are available on a variety of reputable online casino platforms. If you do happen to win a prize from a lottery or competition that you did not enter, be sure to report it as a scam to your local authorities and to your bank and credit card company immediately so that they can reverse any suspicious transactions or block any unauthorized charges.

China’s millennials are especially keen on the lottery, with the country’s youth unemployment rate currently at an all-time high of 20%. The sudden spike in lottery ticket sales has been attributed to young people’s deepening economic worries and a sense of hopelessness that they may never find a way out of their financial troubles.