Asian Lottery

asian lottery

Lottery games are hugely popular across the continent of Asia. This may be because Asians believe in karma and that taking part in a lottery game will lead to good fortune. However, there are also a number of other reasons for this heightened interest in lottery games in Asia. For example, taking part in a regional lottery is often seen as a way of showing one’s loyalty to a community as a whole.

There are a number of different ways to play asian lottery, but most have a similar format. Players choose a set of numbers and hope that the winning numbers are drawn when the lottery is held. The prizes can be quite large – for example, in the Shuangseqiu lottery in China getting all seven red numbers right will win you a staggering 219 million Yuan.

The Chinese government holds national lotteries to raise money for welfare and cultural programmes. It does not spend much on administration and more than half of the ticket sales go to prize money, with a third being allocated to favoured causes. Winners are taxed on their payout.

Li Xian, who won the Shuangseqiu lottery, claims that he is a “loyal fan of the game” and has been buying tickets for over a decade. He said that he had always chosen the same seven numbers because they “looked pleasing”. He has not yet decided how to spend his winnings but says that he will take time to plan carefully. This is a wise precaution, as many lottery winners run into trouble after their windfall and countless stories exist of people who have gone bankrupt or committed suicide following their big wins.