Asian Lottery

asian lottery

Asia is a vast continent spanning several massive countries that consider lottery games an almost-essential part of daily life. The most popular Asian lotteries online feature great jackpot offers, a variety of game styles and interesting rules.

Asia has a very specific culture about gambling, where things like karma and lucky or unlucky numbers have a lot of importance to them. This is often reflected in how they handle the lottery, as they generally have a stronger reverence for these types of things than in the West.

Some Asian lottery games are a lot like those found in the US and Europe, with similar format and prize payouts. These include the Japanese Loto 6, which is a straightforward 6 from 43 game that offers a jackpot to anyone who matches all six selections, as well as consolation prizes for those who match three or more.

Another Asian lottery that has a lot of popularity is the Philippines Lottery, which has a wide range of exciting lottery games. One of these games is Lotto 6/42, which is the oldest lottery game in the country and has some fantastic odds and low tickets.

China has a reputation for being strict on gambling, but it doesn’t mind running lotteries to help fund welfare programs. That’s how it came to be that a man in the southern Chinese province of Guangxi Zhuang won 220 million yuan ($30.6 million) last week, but kept his winnings a secret from his wife and child – worried that they would become lazy or become arrogant with the money.