Asian Lottery

asian lottery

Asian lotteries offer a variety of exciting jackpots for players. Many Asian countries have their own national lottery games, but others offer lotto games that are similar to those found in the West.

The Chinese lottery is a popular option among those looking for a way to win big. Unlike most other lottery games, it offers a bonus number that can be used to increase the prize. A single ticket costs only $1 in the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region of China.

Asia also has a number of other lottery games that are very popular. For example, the Mark Six in Hong Kong has been around since 1975. Its starting jackpot is HK$8 million. The game is known for its great odds and cheap tickets.

Another popular Asian lottery is the Lotto 6/49 in Kazakhstan. It offers a huge jackpot, but the biggest non-jackpot payout is the second largest. You have to select six main numbers between one and 43. If you match all six, you get the jackpot. There are two draws a week, and the maximum prize is Y=600 million.

Besides the popular Lotto 6/49, there are other Asian lotteries that are worth checking out. In Malaysia, the Damacai 4D is a popular option. While the pay table is more complicated than most, the prize is based on getting just a few of the first numbers right.

In the Philippines, the Lotto 6/42 has a very long history. It was one of the first lotto games in the country.