Asian Lottery

asian lottery

Various Asian countries have lottery games. These lotteries are used to fund public projects and programs. They also provide a way for players to win big. These lotteries are popular all over the world.

One Chinese man has won $30 million in the Chinese lottery. The man’s name is Li. He won the lottery at Nanning in Guangxi. He bought 40 tickets, and then woke up to find out he had won. He didn’t tell his wife or his child about the prize. He donned a bright yellow costume of the lottery’s mascot.

The lottery pays out prizes based on a pay table. The pay table includes two bonus numbers, and a main top payout. The main top payout awards 75 percent of the overall prize fund.

The pay table also allows for winning without using regular numbers. If you don’t know your numbers, you can pick a second number and have it automatically drawn for you. If you get the second number right, you win the second highest prize.

The Chinese government wants to expand 7-8 percent of the country’s adult population to buy lottery tickets. It expects the market to grow by 20 percent over the next three years. The government is going to improve the lottery’s payouts and also expand distribution channels.

The Double Color Ball lottery is a popular game in China. It is largely used to raise money for certain causes. It has an unusual jackpot structure. It only has four drawings a year.